Wrentham Resident Fundraising to Give Holiday Toys For Kids Affected by Sandy

A Wrentham resident has been helping with the Hurricane Sandy recovery by collecting donations for Toys for Tots.

With the holiday shopping season now in full effect, many children are filling out their holiday wish list with the hope that they’ll have the latest and greatest toys in their possession come December. Meanwhile in the New York and New Jersey, Hurricane Sandy has potentially left thousands of children present less this holiday season.

With a greater need for toys in areas affected by the hurricane, Tracey Murphy of Wrentham has been raising money for Toys for Toys to benefit those children who need toys this winter in the New York/New Jersey area.

While the organization usually prefers to receive new toys that have not been open, the need for toys from the New York and New Jersey has forced the group to prefer cash.

“Because of the hurricane they have a much larger population of kids requiring support this year,” explained Murphy.  “The coordinators are much more connected with the specific needs of the kids that have been impacted. They feel this year it’s very helpful to have money donations so that they can be more specific with the toys the coordinators purchase.”

Murphy started collecting money for Toys for Tots a few weeks ago at the Wrentham Youth Soccer Bash. After contacting their board of directors about having a potential donation box at the event, Murphy was able to get donations from the event plus an addition donation from Wrentham Youth Soccer.

The next event was at the King Philip Thanksgiving Football game where Murphy could be seen with other families collecting contributions during one of the bigger events of the year at the school

With the full support of football head coach Brian Lee, five other families helped out by making muffins and other treats to give to anyone who made a donation during the game. The kids of the families could also be seen near the donation table with signs, encouraging others to donate.

“The kids did a fantastic job. They made signs and they carried them out to the bleachers and asked for donations,” Murphy said. “The kids worked really hard and were really excited to count the money.”

With an estimated $700 already raised from the soccer bash and football game, Murphy will hold two more fundraiser before sending the contributions to Toys for Tots. 

There will be a special neighborhood party at the American Legion this Friday where attendees will be asked to donate an additional $5 for Toys for Tots.

Murphy is also hoping to have one last fundraiser in the gravel parking lot near Wrentham Common on December 8.


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